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Parking management system

Personal vehicles are an essential part of transportation across major cities. This is why having a well organized city infrastructure that supports parking areas for vehicles is a must.

We provide solutions that help municipalities and companies manage their parking areas.

Parking management:

  • Easy payment via SMS or bank card

  • Free Android OS application

  • Reports and analytics

  • Subscription management

  • Direct integration with mobile operators

Payment via SMS or bank cards - The solution lets drivers quickly pay parking fees in residential areas or private parking via SMS or credit/debit cards. 

Free Android OS application - A user friendly application allows employees to easily check the status of a vehicle's parking fee or subscription so they can ensure all spaces are utilized and paid for.

Reports and analytics - The platform allows you to create detailed audits and reports for payments and employee activities.

Subscription Management - You can designate select parking spaces for subscriptions of various types including - Company spaces, handicap spaces, and other specialized types.

Direct integration with mobile operators - Thanks to long-standing partnerships with Bulgarian mobile operators, the platform supports direct integration with the major mobile operators to facilitate SMS payments for parking fees.

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